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Service Updates
Hammond Tone Wheel Organs
Many other updates can be addressed with Trek II products which we carry and install
Hammond Tone Wheel Bearings (Squealing, Noisy, Seized Up)
Choppy Vibrato on Tone Wheel Organs
Yamaha Digital Pianos
Keys Weak, Uneven or Too Loud
Noisy Clacky Keys (Service Bulletins WJ88A-402 & WJ88B-402R1
Suzuki Digital Pianos
Sagging Slugish Keys
Kawai Digital Pianos
Hammer Breakage (Service Bulletin 102331)
Excessively Noisy Keys
Roland Digital Pianos
Sagging Slugish Keys
Excessively Noisy Keys
Conn Organs
Leslie Tone Cabinets
Keys sound intermittently, uneven or weak
Early Tone Cabinets Lacking Slow Speed
Hammond Tone Wheel Bearings (Squealing, Noisy, Seized Up)
Choppy Vibrato on Tone Wheel Hammond Organs
Early Leslie Tone Cabinets With Fast and Off Speed
(No Slow Speed)
By Benton Electronics - Converts older single speed Leslie's to 2-speed using original motors. It Replaces both the old mechanical relay and provides fast and slow speed operation. Optionally adds brake function. Uses state-of-the-art Industry Standard Motor Drive Technology, thus avoiding problems such as low torque, motor heat and growling noise with slow speed. Can even work on 2-speed models eliminating the slow motors and the tedious adjustments and wear. Single Speed Leslies include models 21H, 22, 22H, 22R, 31H, 44W, 45, 46, 47, 51.
Leslie Brake Function
The MTC Logic Motor Controller, when combined with a 3 position tremolo switch, will provide FAST, SLOW and OFF to any Leslie in the 122 and 147 families.
More Info From Benton Electronics
Conn Organs - Keys Sound Intermittently, Uneven or Weak
Yamaha Digital Piano - Sluggish, Sticking or Sagging Keys
Yamaha Digital Piano - Exessively Noisy Keys
Suzuki Digital Piano - Sagging Keys, Sluggish Keys, Sticking Keys
Kawai Digital Pianos - Keys Weak, uneven or Too Loud
Kawai Digital Pianos - Noisy Clacky Keys - There are three
different problems that can cause this symptom
Problem #1: Excessive travel of hammers causing noisy clacky keys
Service Bulletin WJ88A-402
Models Affected: CA950, CP150, CP170, CP190, MP9000
Solution: Install Z bracket underneath hammer supports to prevent excessive travel.
Cost: Parts and Labor $435.00

Problem #2: Hammer Cushion Deterioration
Service Bulletin WJ88B-402R1
Models Affected: CA970, CP150, CP170, CP200, MP9000
Solution: Install new hammer cushions on all keys.
Cost: Parts and Labor $285.00*

Problem #3: Warping or Sagging of Keybed
Service Bulletin RA88A-401R
Models Affected: CN370, CN470, CP110, PN100, PN300
Solution: Install angle iron brace under keybed. Install rib caps on keyboard assembly. Replace hammer rest cushion. Replace keyslips as needed.
Cost: Parts and Labor $485.00*
Roland Digital Piano - Hammer Breakage
(Service Bulletin 102331)
Roland Digital Piano - Broken Sub-chassis, Compressed Felts
*This price may be higher in some areas depending on location and is subject to change without notice.