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Hammond A100 with Leslie 45 Tone Cabinet
Hammond A100 with Leslie 45 Tone Cabinet
Organ has Trek II CPR-28 Tube Preamp Upgrade
(All preamp resistors and capacitors have been replaced) Reverb has been upgraded with Trek II RV-1D.
A100s are internally identical to B3s with the addition of an internal amplifier, reverb and speakers. It has the same awesome B3 sound! A100s and B3s were manufactured for over 20 years and are still in demand. Because the cabinet style of an A100 is not as popular as the B3, you can get that great B3 sound at a bargain price. This organ is wired for 147 family Leslies and comes with half moon switches for tremolo and speaker switching. The Leslie 45 is the shorter cabinet predecessor of the 147. It has the same amp configuration with 6550 outputs, treble driver projecting through the upper rotor and a new 15" Bass Speaker sounding through the lower rotating baffle. The original Leslie 45 had fast tremolo and off, with no slow chorale. This Leslie has been reconditioned with a motor controller added, adding slow chorale. Organ with Leslie - $3000.00
Custom Instrument Covers
These quilted padded covers are custom made to fit your organ, piano or speaker cabinet. Also locking covers are available. Call 1(800)274-4543 or FAX 1(503)362-6231 to order. Provide the make and model of your instrument and they probably already have the dimensions on file. Be sure to tell them you were referred by Camp's Organ Service to get a discount.
More Info about the CPR-28 from Trek II