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Leslie Two Speed Controller
Line Out Box
Tremolo Switches
Leslie Brake Function
Leslie Two Speed Motor Controller Conversion Using MTC Logic
Line Out Box for Vintage Hammond Organs
By Benton Electronics - Converts older single speed Leslie’s to 2-speed using original motors. It Replaces both the old mechanical relay and provides fast and slow speed operation. Optionally adds brake function. Uses state-of-the-art Industry Standard Motor Drive Technology, thus avoiding problems such as low torque, motor heat and growling noise with slow speed. Can even work on 2-speed models eliminating the slow motors and the tedious adjustments and wear. Single Speed Leslies include models 21H, 22, 22H, 22R, 31H, 44W, 45, 46, 47, 51.
Leslie Brake Function
The MTC Logic Motor Controller, when combined with a 3 position tremolo switch, will provide FAST, SLOW and OFF to any Leslie in the 122 and 147 families.
More Info From Benton Electronics
This kit provides a ¼” Bass Output and a ¼” Full Range Output with volume control to any spinet or console Hammond organ, making your organ ready for any combo amp or mixing board. It also provides a great way to boost your bass.
Half Moon Tremolo Switches / Main - Echo Switches
Just like the originals, inside and out. These switches will give you the vintage look and feel your are looking for.
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